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Victims of Domestic Violence

Survivors of domestic violence may experience symptoms of low self-esteem, insecurity, difficulty with problem solving, low self-efficacy, and high anxiety with regard to their economic future. Creative methods are needed to help abuse survivors overcome these factors so they are able to set and attain career goals.


Equine Facilitated Learning & Therapy has been shown to increase self-esteem, improve self-efficacy, and lower anxiety.


Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) involves non-riding interactions between humans & horses from the ground. The horse is generally considered the teacher and a human facilitator is there to help guide the participants on a journey of learning & understanding.


I provide individuals, pairs, groups or settings the opportunity to become engaged in situations that require interaction with the horse and participants, and for the participants to reflect on these experiences.


At our private setting we have a comfortable learning cabin where the sessions begin.  There is also the opportunity to set goals and reflect on these at the end of the session over a cup of tea.