Berry Fields

Health, Safety & Welfare - Visiting Education Settings

Berry Fields Animal Assisted Education & Consultancy  can be booked with confidence, as Rachel has an enhanced DBS check, the Berry Fields (AAE) Animal Assisted Education  is fully insured and licensed.


We also adhere to the 5 freedoms for all our animals

FREEDOM FROM HUNGER AND THIRST – by ready access to fresh water and diet to maintain health and vigour.



FREEDOM FROM DISCOMFORT – by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area.



FREEDOM FROM PAIN, INJURY OR DISEASE. – by providing appropriate preventative measures, along with rapid diagnosis and treatment.



FREEDOM TO EXPRESS NORMAL BEHAVIOUR – by providing for species specific requirements with respect to space, enrichment and social needs.

FREEDOM FROM FEAR AND DISTRESS – by ensuring species specific conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.



  • School settings should note though, that responsibility for the children’s health, safety and discipline remains with them – so please ensure that sufficient responsible adults supervise the children at all times. 


  • All animals used are chosen for their docile nature and are well accustomed to being handled before taking part in visits.  However, animals can be unpredictable, so it important that everyone follows instructions on how the animals should be approached and handled. 


  • To protect the health of your children and the welfare of the animals, no animal showing signs of illness, stress or abnormal behaviour will be used for a visit.  However all animals naturally carry micro-organisms which can cause ill health in humans. 


  • The latest advice, regarding school children contacting  animals:

       Cuts / open wounds should be covered.

  • Fingers should be kept away from mouths and as soon as the session is over, children should be supervised to ensure thorough washing of hands, with liquid soap under running water – preferably warm and dried on disposable paper towels.
  • Berry Fields  try to minimise any contamination of your site - the animals remain on the horse lorry or enclosure at all times apart from when they are being handled.  If any droppings are done outside the horse lorry, they are cleaned up as soon as possible and taken back to Berry Fields.  


  • We require participants to wear safety helmets and suitable footwear when leading the horses. These can be borrowed from us. Please ensure everyone wears warm coats for winter visits and trousers. (Headwear is provided)


  • A full will always be completed prior to any visit.  Once this has been completed and carried out it will beforwarded for your use and record keeping.  Prior to the children coming into contact with the animals a safety talk will be given, in age appropriate language.  


  • All education settings must agree to our health & safety protocol to minimise risks and well being to all.


Safeguarding & Prevent

Rachel Hartopp is the trained Safeguarding & Prevent lead. Our safeguarding policy can be viewed on request.