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Bringingthe curriculum alive with Animal Assisted Education 

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The Berry Fields framework supports all settings that workwith children and young adults, inspiring them to connect with animals to enhance and accelerate meaningful learning.


Animal Assisted Education comprises a range of practical activities involving equines that are designed and selected to help assist people in supporting their personal physical, mental and emotional well being. Activities are designed to meet specific goals and objectives and progress is constantly monitored and reviewed linked to curriculum outcomes.


"A pet is an island of sanity in what appears to be an insane world. Friendship retains its traditional values and securities in one's relationship with one's pet. Whether a dog, cat, bird, fish, turtle, or what have you, one can rely upon the fact that one's pet will always remain a faithful, intimate, non-competitive friend, regardless of the good or ill fortune life brings us."


If you are an animal lover, you will fully relate to this quote from American child psychologist Dr. Boris Levinson. There is no doubt that humans have a strong bond with animals, and it is this bond that led to the introduction of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) (EAL) (AAE), or Equine Assisted Learning and Animal Assisted Education - the idea that animals can help humans cope with or recover from certain medical and learning conditions.



What our School Package offers.


o   Whole school assembly to introduce AAE/EAL to the children and staff.


o   Short staff meeting to talk about the health and safety issues and planned sessions.


o   6 school based visits.  5 must be child based and 1 optional staff training.


o   Each visit can be tailored to your requirements and chosen focus strand.

(Mental Health & Wellbeing, Behaviour, SEND or Curriculum)


o   Half Termly Newsletter related to AAE based research, training updates and ideas.

o   Schools Risk Assessment and Model Policy.


o   Framework & Lesson Plans tailored and differentiated to your pupil needs.


o   School Resources, laminated activity packs, laminated photo packs.


o   Avatar character communication through online resource platform on the school website. Watch farrier, vet, equine dentist, rehabilitation professionals, natural horsemanship, shows and training of our therapy ponies.


o   Ongoing learning videos and complementary learning resources online.


o   Evidence Journal for your staff and note of visit after every visit to add to your AAE school profile.


o   Personalised School Presentation Plaque.


o   Certificate of Participation for school and all pupils involved.


o   Certificate of Completion


o   All safety equipment provided for the day.


o   Resources treasure chest to loan.


o   Visual Resources each visit.


o   Opportunities to attend motivational speaker events throughout the academic year.


All of the above over the entire academic year for only £1200.


Additional reources and sessions are available to enhance your AAE experience.



Package Costs and Additional Resources


School Package

6 sessions EAL


£1200 (2021)

Class Rosettes Pack

(30 Pack)



Class Medal Pack

(30 pack)



Additional (EAL) Equine Assisted Learning Visits at your setting.

£200 (2021)



Motivational Speaker Events



Additional Class Pack Resources


Additional Plush Betsy Character



Class Badge Pack

(30 Pack)







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